About Libra

About Libra

LIBRA is now an ISO Company. We received Kerala consumer protection Quality Management Award in 2005 and CP-999 Product Quality Certificate in 2007 from Kerala Consumer Protection.

Our vision and mind is so broad as the endless application of Solar Energy. It was on 2000, the respected Chairman opted a group of like-minded people to join for the generation and usage of future energy resources. For that he brought together an array of young professional, energetic and most experienced technical experts..

Even after 2 decades our each and every customer is satisfied and still rely on our services and contributions. We have a reputed authorized manufacturer of inverters and UPS. There after we concentrated on materialization of innovative projects regarding the so called "Future energy resources - Solar Energy”.

We have now became one among the major and known quality maintained manufactures and dealer of South India. Above all we made tie-ups with adequate internationally known companies, to maintain and increase quality, for our solar grid products. With precise observations and researches we keep the reliance of our customers.


To nurture a great culture that loves nature, libra introduces solar products. A huge amount of energy from sun is being disregarded without any benefit. Solar products are launched by libra too. It suggests a way of reducing environmental pollution and make earth live more. The solar products purposefully utilize natural energy and is designed for a life span of more than 25 years.The cost of solar projects is less than the increasing electricity charge of 3 to 5 years. If consulted on the basis of consumption it will be a great saving for further years.


Each country has its own power quality standards. The power quality of a country is not at all same with others. Therefore MAXFINE industries designed Online UPS after a comprehensive research done with the power variations of various countries. It facilitates devices for functioning active in various conditions. It brings a wide category of most modern UPS ranging from 1 KVA to 6400 KVA. According to the nature of consumption, Maxfine presents 3 types of UPS - Commercial, Large scale and Industrial that suits to the usage of various nations. These environment friendly products with its high end quality and functionality are capable enough to bring big savings in electricity usage. Moreover, these are technologically advanced and functionally superior to assure more value for money.


We maintain exclusive dealer’s network all around south India and particular place of Outside. We are taught by the modern management and by our experiences that the actual deal starts only after sales..


After sales support is the heart of the good will of the company and its success, so we are maintaining a team of highly dynamic service professionals of vast experience, they are accessible round the clock 24hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


We are selling World latest technology products. Hybrid integrated circuits based power controlling for 100% accuracy. Our Products are of user friendly controlling and reliable working and service, really make the item worth for money with outstanding performance.

Corporate Mission

To be the preferred Green energy Power Products in every market we serve by consistently providing innovative products and flawless delivery of services.


LIBRA is also now an ISO 9001 : 2000 Company. We received Kerala consumer protection Quality Management Award in 2005 and CP-999 Product Quality Certificate in 2007 from Kerala Consumer Protection.

LIBRA'S 20 Years Growth

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EV Charger Distribution.


Solar Panel Distribution.


Ongrid Inverter Distribution.


Indutrial UPS Distribution.


Solar Inverter Manufacturing.


Online UPS Manufacturing.


Offline UPS Manufacturing.

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